Halloween with the Boxers

Last night I went over to my sister’s house with the rest of my family and we had a little Halloween get together.  Riley and Chloe stayed home and kept an eye on the home front.  They made sure our house was not egged or toilet papered!!  And successful they were!

Here are some pictures from the Halloween get together:

Highway inherited Riley’s too big costume…and loved every minute of it.  He’s a bit metrosexual…!

Daisy was in a too small Ohio State football jersey.
Here’s me and Baddy playing Pictureka.  Someone asked how Baddy got her name.  Her real name’s Amanda and about 9 years ago I went to a summer camp where the cool thing to do was to talk like you had a head cold.  So “Amanda” became “Abada”  and “Baddy” soon followed as a nickname.
Bloody candles.

Daisy and Highway playing.  Or “Daisers” and “Highways” (as I like to call them) playing.  Daisy’s jersey was too tight so I jumped at the chance to take it off of her!

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Riley loves hearing from her friends!

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