Happy Birthday Aunt Baddy!!

Today is Riley’s human Aunt Baddy’s birthday!  She’s 28…whew, I feel better now that I got that out!

First, some pictures from yesterday.  We had our therapy visit at the nursing home yesterday.  I dressed Riley up and we went in and spread good cheer.  Riley even met a Shih Tzu there that she was actually a little unsure about.  They sniffed nose to nose and Riley sort of backed off and the Shih Tzu came following her.  Anyway, it was all good.

Me and my Jack-O-Lantern of a dog!  The shirt was a bit too big for her, but she was a trooper and sort of waddled along in it.  I’m going to get her a smaller size on clearance after Halloween for next year…if there are any left!
All pooped out after her visit.
And now on to the birthday pictures!!
Happy birthday, Baddy!!
Blogger is driving me nuts rotating my pictures!  This was a landscape picture on the camera and on the computer but Blogger turned it around to a portrait picture…  UGH!!!

 Riley just after kissing her boyfriend, Uncle Jimmy.

The whole gang!  Jimmy, Riley, me, and Amanda.
If you’re up to it, check out Aunt Baddy’s blog and give her some birthday love.  Tell her we sent you!!

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