Super Bowl Sunday

We hope all of our friends and “fur-iends” had a fun Super Bowl Sunday!  We did.  Well, Riley and Chloe stayed home and watched the game and Grandma, Grandpa, and I went to Aunt Baddy and Uncle Jimmy’s house to watch the big game and have some great food.  I made Eating Well’s Southwestern Layered Bean Dip that’s always delicious and we had queso dip, orange cream floats, and lemon bars.  We didn’t have a big Super Bowl spread, but since there were only the 5 of us, we had plenty to fill us up.

A picture of Riley and Chloe keeping warm earlier in the week.

Grandpa and cousin Highway were rooting for the Patriots.  Everyone else was rooting for the Giants!
Cousin Daisy is ready to get the party started!

Daisy stood and stared at me the entire first half of the game…weirdo.

I guess she got tired of holding her big head up…

Highway was hiding his face because the Patriots were losing.

Daisy finally got tired of staring at me and went to take a nap.