My New Favorite Cleaning Tool

We’ve had this LeBistro Waterer for about 2 years or so–or since Riley was a puppy, so maybe 2.5 years.  I love it because I don’t have to constantly refill a water bowl all day long, but I hate how it gets dirty and is a weird shape so is hard to clean.

Enter Q-tips Precision Tips!  They are the perfect fit to get in the weird corners of the waterer and to get in the little hole that the water comes through!

I will say it is extra yucky/furry because only Chloe has been drinking out of this bowl while Riley’s been crated, so it takes her about 3 times as long to empty it.

New Q-tips Precision Tips!  They have a pointed end to get down in the corners easily.
These are the Precision Tips I’m talking about.


Getting it all cleaned up!

The waterer is now spotless and refilled/refreshed!  All ready for Riley to get off of crate rest on Wednesday morning!!!!!

See, all fresh and clean!

Here’s Riley getting a little bit of loving from Grandma–who is actually going to be a REAL Grandma!  Aunt Baddy is going to have a two-legger, human baby!!!!!!!!!!

I would definitely suggest buying a package of these Q-tips Precision Tips–they would be so useful around the house and with your pets, especially if you have one of these LeBistro Waterers like we do that are hard to keep clean.  You could also clean the creases on your dog’s face if they have a smooshed face like Riley’s Boxer cousins, Daisy and Highway.  Or, if your dog is accident-prone like a certain young Cattle Dog I know, you can apply ointments to their cuts and scrapes or broken nails.

***I was provided with Q-tips cotton swabs® and information about the product by RocketXL. All opinions are 100% my own.***


Apparently, just within the last few weeks, Riley has become scared of thunder.  She never was before.  I think it was because we had a big storm a few weeks ago with super loud thunder that actually woke me up in the night and scared me too.  She probably sensed my fear and fed off of it.  Anyway, so now she gets a little scared when she hears loud thunder (not so much regular thunder) and hides under my parents’ computer desk.  She’s a goof, what can I say…

Trying to coax her out…I don’t pet her when she’s in her “fearful state” because I don’t want to reinforce her fear.
Riley got to sleep in Grandma and Grandpa’s room Monday night with Grandma and Chloe because Aunt Baddy, my dad (Riley’s Grandpa), and I took an overnight road trip to Charlottesville and visited Monticello, Michie Tavern, and Carter Mountain Orchard (we literally drove up a mountain [my 100,000+ mi. car made it!!] and picked our own peaches…it was so cool), and of course went and did a bit of shopping at a mall there (didn’t buy anything though).  Yesterday, we stopped in Richmond on the way home and went to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and saw a Faberge’ exhibit, did more shopping (of course) and had lunch at the mall before we came home.  We had a fun time and I’ll post some pictures soon.

It’s a Pirate Party!!

I’ve finally gotten around to uploading some pictures from my birthday that was on Tuesday.  I complained this year that my mom always bought boring birthday plates–solid colors or just balloons–so my sister told me to pick out some plates at Target.  I picked some pirate plates just for the fun of it!

Opening presents first thing in the morning.  My wonderful and smart friend, Sarah, sent a dog toy along with the presents she sent me…it kept Riley occupied while I opened the rest of my presents!  No wonder Sarah has her PhD!

I got a dog book from my parents that I had been wanting–“How to Behave So Your Dog Behaves!”

My sister got some cardboard pirate hats from Dollar Tree that we all wore!

My sister also got the decorations to put on the cake at Dollar Tree.

Arrrrgh!  These plates were on sale at Target!  Yay!

My mom and dad (Riley’s grandma and grandpa).

The only thing about having black icing on your cake is that it turns your tongue and teeth black.  Jimmy (my brother-in-law) also says that it turns something else black as well, but I haven’t experienced that.

 Opening presents!
Riley wants in on the pirate fun too!