We Gots Snow!!!

Finally, the day we have all been waiting for in our house!  The first snow of the season!  Hopefully not the last, but we’re pushing into Springtime now, so it’s hard to tell.

It has only lightly covered the ground but is supposed to snow more tonight.  Riley LOVES snow!  So does Chloe, but she’s old now and doesn’t get as excited for it as she used to.  Here’s a short (very short) video I took of Riley running around in it.  Ignore the peeing at the end…

Tuesday’s Full Moon

I ran down to Target on Tuesday night to pick up a few things and the moon was so low and big.  It was also pretty orange when it was low.  By the time I left Target, the moon was much higher in the sky, but still pretty large.  I tried to take some good pictures of it, but my camera didn’t do it a bit of justice.  Here’s what I got though:

Of course, Riley didn’t want to look at the camera…she gets a little psycho when she’s outside…she likes to go crazy and bark.

You can see how cloudy it was, so it looked pretty cool!