Another One of Riley’s Favorite Toys

Riley just loves all the toys she has by West Paw Design.  They’re sort of rubbery feeling but hold up forever (so far Riley’s had her two toys for like 9 or 10 months), plus you get a one time replacement guarantee.  Since Riley is getting ready for dinner, this post will be short.

Behold, I give you Riley’s Bumi toy.  I call it her “S” so I’ll say “bring your S in here…where’s your S?”  It gives us the giggles each time.

And here’s a video of her shaking the life out of it:

10 thoughts on “Another One of Riley’s Favorite Toys

  1. Looks like great fun (except maybe the smacking in the face)!! Does Riley ever throw it at the end? I'm a new follower so figure this silly question… who is that laying on top of the couch? So cute! That used to be a favorite spot here at my house.Wags,Zona

Riley loves hearing from her friends!

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