One Year Ago Today…I Started My Blog

Today is my one year “blogoversary!”  I started out with zero followers (like everyone does) and now have 98…I never would have thought that 98 people would be interested in Riley’s life and her hip dysplasia.  I can’t believe it’s already been a year.  That means it’s been a year since Riley’s hip dysplasia diagnosis.  And also a year since that awful few weeks of crate rest!  Here’s a picture of Riley while she was on crate rest last year…


Here’s a link to our first post, introducing you to Riley.  Here’s a link to our second post talking about what the orthopedic surgeon told us.

Riley says “Supervising a blog is hard work!  Phew!”
In other news, I bought a new laptop on Saturday through Dell and I got an e-mail today saying that it shipped and should be here on Wednesday.  That’s some fast 5-7 day shipping…!  Anyway, I’m a wee bit excited!

23 thoughts on “One Year Ago Today…I Started My Blog

  1. We has been overs dis befores bout how long ya'll has been bloggin so we'll skip dat part. So is ya gonna haves a pawty fur your blogaversary? I likes beer, cheetoe's, tater chips, pretzels, and beer. You make a list okays.Riley sure does looks pitifuls…maybe it was just cuz ya'll hadn't met me yet. Yea, I'm goin' withs dat.Puddles

  2. Happy blogoversary 🙂 Glad we discovered your blog in the pet blogger challenge and we are following. Think we have been missing out for almost a whole year!

  3. happy happy happy 1st blogaversary, miss elyse and miss riley!!! here's to oodles 'n gobs more posts! me and asa and mama are so super duper glad that we met and became friendz! :)*woof*the booker manpee s — WOOHOO for a new lappy!

  4. Happy Blogoversary to you too! There seems to be a lot of us that are celebrating these last few weeks! Great minds think alike! Glad we are friends :)Wyatt

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