First Therapy Visit of 2011

Today we had our first nursing home visit of 2011.  We hadn’t been on a visit since right after Halloween, but Riley still acted like a pro.  Everybody still remembered her and she remembered them.  We met a younger lady (which is strange for this nursing home because it is not a rehab facility) who really liked Riley.  Riley’s favorite resident was not there anymore.  She could have been in the hospital, gone home, or died.  I’m unfortunately thinking the latter because she was quite sick the last time we were there to visit.  😦

I didn’t have a photographer with me and I still have concerns about the privacy issues, so there were no pictures from today’s visit.  I did get a picture of Riley at home afterward in her Therapy Dogs International bandana.

She gets so excited to go to the nursing home.  She knows where she’s going (or at least that she’s going to “work”) when she gets her bandana on.  She started whining out of excitement when we pulled into the nursing home parking lot today.

“Everybody always tells me how cute I am in my bandana!”

27 thoughts on “First Therapy Visit of 2011

  1. This is so sweet. Good for you and Riley. He is pretty special, isn't he? It shows how much work you both have done together. I bet he makes everyone's day so much brighter. Which is no little thing. You have a lot to be proud of.

  2. Riley, you look great in your bandanna! We get really excited when we get to go to the nursing home, too. We go with a group of dogs and we all have our own fan clubs! There's nothing like nursing home night to make you feel like a popular pup!Bunny

  3. Oh no, I wouldn't be takin' no fotos theres. I knows somebuddy dat gots in trubles doin' dat.My mum's uncle is in his 60s and him in a nursing home…him had a massive brain injury.I am so proud of Riley, I soooooooo couldn't be doing dat kinds of stuffs.Puddles

  4. We're really behind on our visiting. We're glad Riley is feeling so much better and was able to do her therapy visits. Mama is most interested in that SpotBot, not that we ever have accidents in the house. Well, Abby did recently for exactly the same reason as Riley: mama was too stoopid-headed with sleep to get out of bed when asked. Mama just likes household gadgets. Hope Riley stays healthy and well regulated!Jed & Abby

  5. Therapy work is so rewarding – or so my brother the therapy dog tells me! Felix and Mom visit the old folks homes too. Mom (like you) was not comfortable taking pictures of the residents without permission, so what she has been doing is taking the pictures, having them printed, then leaving a copy with the home admin for the family to have, and a note that she would love to use the photo, if they agreed. So far, most families have been happy to let us use the photo. It's a bit of extra work, but we know the families appreciate getting a copy of the photos and it allows us to continue taking these gorgeous photos!

  6. Calhoun and I actually don't visit anymore. I took another job about a year after we started. The commute pretty much takes up the time we used to visit. I could probably do some visits in city where I work but I just haven't made that transition yet. Love Riley's bandana- too cute!Mamma Heartbeat

Riley loves hearing from her friends!

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