A Blackberry Kind of Gal

Yay, I have 100 followers now!!  Thanks for all your kind words on yesterday’s blogoversary post.  I discovered that Riley likes blackberries.  The fruit, not the phone.  I was eating some the other night and I decided I’d let her sniff of one so she’d leave me alone and I could eat them in peace.  Little did I know that she would take it out of my hand and eat it.  After checking to make sure they were on the dog safe list, I fed her some more and she loved them!

 Riley posing with her carton of blackberries.

Aaaaaaaaand…for some reason I can’t upload any more photos on here.  Stupid Blogger!  I also had a pitcher of Kool Aid to show Puddles, but I guess that’s not gonna upload either.  😦  Dang.  Well, Puddles, just know that your Kool Aid is ready for you to come enjoy.  I forgot to pick up the Cheeto’s though…maybe you can stop at one of the 87 million 7-Eleven’s here in our hometown on your way and pick some up…?

24 thoughts on “A Blackberry Kind of Gal

  1. Ciara and Thunder LOVE blueberries. We will have to try blackberries but they are a bit pricey:)When we have had trouble uploading photos recently, we found we can get it to work if we only load one at a time, not sure if that helps you or not.Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Wells wouldn't you just knows it wouldn't upload…dangflabbit! Bet it was them mangy squirrels. You gets right on dat and fix it…hehehehe!I has nevers had blackberries but I do likes carrots. Mum won't gives us much hooman food cuz her thinks we'll beg afters dat. Her might be right fur once.Puddles….on my ways to da store since ya'lls furgots…hehehehehe…Oh, I keels myself.

  3. That is a cute picture with your box of berries!Blackberries are Stanzies FAVORITE! She likes to pick the wild ones herself….it takes us 45 minutes to walk to the mailbox and back in the summer, BOL!Wyatt

  4. If you are having problems loading photos log out and back in that sometimes help. I have used up all my free space!! because I run so many blogs with photos!! its cheep to buy more, it does tell you when you have.Blackberries Mmmm have to see if mom will let me have some ;)See Yea George xxx

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