Bring Out the Dingo

The full moon brought out the crazy wolfie in Riley.  Or should I say Dingo?  Okay, so maybe it didn’t, but it sure made for a good line.  I tried to get some good pictures of the full moon but “good” pictures didn’t quite happen…

Looks like a wild-eyed crazed Dingo to me…!  See how muddy our backyard is?  Yuck!
 Here are the Dingo and her aunt in their natural habitats favorite spots.
Just for you, Khyra!!

15 thoughts on “Bring Out the Dingo

  1. Nice moon pictures! Those are beautiful!The full moon makes Tibby crazy! She was up from 1am to 3am running circles in the backyard. And it was -30F last night. I would make her come in (hey I wanted to sleep), but then she would want to go outside again.AND she chewed a big hole in my down comforter last night. I dread full moon nights.

  2. Oh I thinks your moon pikture is fantastical…glad it was in da sky and not elsewheres….hehehehe…get it, MOON…oh, I cracks myself up. Oh I just did it again with crack.Okays I stop, you don't likes my jokes.Puddles

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