Frontline Deal

First of all, let me just say that the people who told Riley she could be bad again soon were spot on…she decided she’d get all wound up last night.  She has gotten mildly obsessed with shaking her big rope toy in the backyard and sort of goes a little crazy to get out there and play with it.  She was doing one of her half-bark things last night and wouldn’t give up on it.  I really can’t complain though because she had been really good since Saturday and that’s definitely a stretch for her.

I went to pick up Riley’s Rimadyl (anti-inflammatory for her hips) today from the vet and picked up a six month supply of Frontline Plus too.  They were running a deal where you buy 6 doses, you get 1 free.  So that was about $20 I saved.  I can honestly say that although Frontline is a little pricey, it definitely works!  Riley has not had a single flea or tick on her since we’ve started using it when she was a puppy.  She has only ever had one tick in her life and that was like the second day I had her and she wasn’t on Frontline then.  What I also like about it is that it doesn’t really throw off the flow of bathing her on a regular basis.  I can usually bathe her about a day and a half or two days after I apply the Frontline.  You just have to wait for it to be completely dry.

See that extra (7th) dose sticking out of the top of the box?  Free!
Speaking of baths…Riley’s getting one this weekend.  I noticed that she smells like the great outdoors once again and she hasn’t had a bath in quite a while anyway.

9 thoughts on “Frontline Deal

  1. We don't use frontline anymores. We is on Vectra. Depending on where you lives depends on if da product has lost it's effectiveness…crazy huh?I must run nows, I has training to do…where did i put dat laundry basket?Puddles

  2. Anytime you get something for free is great Mom says. She went and got us food last week, well mom bought two 30lbs bags and she got two 5 lbs and 2 even smaller bags free.. Mom was beaming when she came out of that place.. Big Sloppy KissesGus, Louie and Callie

  3. We have always gotten one free with the purchase of six vials of Frontline, but our vet isn't carrying it any more. We are also on Vectra. We think it is really cool to smell like the outdoors, but the Momster doesn't agree:(Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. me 'n asa use frontline, too! it's always worked really super well for us. we have heard about flea and tick products losin' their effectiveness based on where you live, but for right now, the frontline is doin' it's job grrreat!*woof*the booker man

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