The Insanity Workout

I am feeling loads and loads better today!  The antibiotics seem to be finally kicking in.  The pain from the pleurisy is all gone today.  In fact, I am feeling so good today that I lost my mind decided to give Riley a bath before her nursing home visit tomorrow.  She hadn’t had a bath in forever (a few months at least) and has been delighting in getting dirty and muddy lately.

A quick note about our “fancy pants” retirement community we’re going to start visiting: the activities director called me on Tuesday and said that in all of her excitement about Riley and I coming to start visits, she forgot that I have to fill out paperwork, have a criminal background check, and have a PPD (tuberculosis) test before we can start.  Our first visit was supposed to be today at 2:00, but I went by and filled out the paperwork yesterday and am waiting on a call back about when I can go get the PPD done.  I am actually glad to see that they require all of their volunteers do this–it seems smart to me.  So I don’t mind the delay!  Oh, and I met Luke, the yellow lab that’s a therapy dog there already.  He’s 11 and SUPER mellow…Riley’s gonna seem like the Tasmanian Devil compared to him!  😉
You’ve heard of the Insanity workout program?  Yes?  Good.  Here’s Riley being insane demonstrating that workout right after her bath…

And the Bath Goes On

Riley did end up getting her bath yesterday because after the freak snow flurries, it warmed up some outside and it all melted away and got muddy.  I went out back with my dad to help him get up all the leaves in the yard and Riley was out there doing whatever it is she does to get filthy.  Soooo…she desperately needed a bath.

Here are the pictures:

To start things off right, I completely soaked my leg with the sprayer…

Not too happy but she did willingly jump in the bathtub like a good girl!!

Lathering her up.


Still rinsing…that undercoat is not something to mess around with!

This was Riley’s least favorite part…getting her head clean.

After bath kissies and making sure her head smells good.

Aww, all done but still not too happy.

Now VERY happy that she’s out of the tub and has a rawhide treat to eat!

Flurries May Cancel Bath Day…

Riley may be in luck…she might get out of her bath today.  It’s snowing here and it’s a little cool in the house, so I don’t want to freeze the poor dog by giving her a bath (she’s scared of the hair dryer, so that option’s out).  But if it starts to warm up again in the house later she will get her bath.  We turned the heat up a few degrees so it should be getting warmer.

We’re supposed to have less than half an inch of snow accumulation.  Here are some of the pictures so far:

That blur is crazy girl shaking her rope toy.

More rope swinging action.