NAMI Walk and Some Goodies!!

Yesterday morning was NAMI Walks Virginia!  Riley didn’t get to go this year, maybe next year.  There were some therapy dogs there!  I petted an Airedale named Rudy and there was a big harlequin Great Dane puppy that was a therapy dog in training…although he jumped up and licked me in the face, so he’ll have to work on that!  Here are some pictures from the NAMI Walk:

Aww, isn’t that the saddest picture!?  Poor Riley being left behind.

Me on the left and Riley’s Aunt Baddy on the right.
Me getting ready to walk across (or into) the finish line (with the eyeball on my shirt).

Me, Riley’s Grandma, and Aunt Baddy after the walk.

And look what came in the mail from Sugar!!  It’s our prize from the 10sec Trick N Treat Contest.  Sugar’s such a pretty girl, isn’t she?  Riley loves these treats!  One pack is vegetable treats and the other is peanut butter treats!  Thanks, Sugar!


8 thoughts on “NAMI Walk and Some Goodies!!

  1. miss elyse,it's too bad miss riley didn't get to go, but it looks like your NAMI walkie was way funsies!oh, and gratsers on the treatsies from miss sugar! they are so so so yummy!! which ones does miss riley like the bestest?*woof*the booker man

  2. Hi! Just stopped by to see what else Riley's been up to…Hope she gets to go next time! Thanks for following. Our niece has a pair of Australian Cattle Dogs. One has a sweet temperment, the other…well, I won't go there. Hope we meet at a walk one day.Hawk aka BrownDog

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