What a Meal!

We read on the Two Little Cavaliers blog about how you could get a free sample of Proportions dog food.  It just looked so yummy on their blog that we just had to try it.  Riley was in hog heaven!  That was the best meal she’d ever eaten.  It’s WAY out of our budget, but I thought I’d share some pictures with you all:

Just for Riley.  408 calories per meal.

It looked and SMELLED gooooood!

She’s in disbelief that she has to sit and wait for it since it smells so much better than her kibble.

She gobbled it all down.  Of course!

This last (blurry) picture is of Riley’s new (yes, another one) collar.  The other one I bought her had to be tightened and loosened and slid over her head and it just wasn’t working for me.  This one’s a snap on martingale from Shaka Dog Hawaii.

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