NAMI Walk and Some Goodies!!

Yesterday morning was NAMI Walks Virginia!  Riley didn’t get to go this year, maybe next year.  There were some therapy dogs there!  I petted an Airedale named Rudy and there was a big harlequin Great Dane puppy that was a therapy dog in training…although he jumped up and licked me in the face, so he’ll have to work on that!  Here are some pictures from the NAMI Walk:

Aww, isn’t that the saddest picture!?  Poor Riley being left behind.

Me on the left and Riley’s Aunt Baddy on the right.
Me getting ready to walk across (or into) the finish line (with the eyeball on my shirt).

Me, Riley’s Grandma, and Aunt Baddy after the walk.

And look what came in the mail from Sugar!!  It’s our prize from the 10sec Trick N Treat Contest.  Sugar’s such a pretty girl, isn’t she?  Riley loves these treats!  One pack is vegetable treats and the other is peanut butter treats!  Thanks, Sugar!


NAMI Walks 2010!

For about 4 years now, I have been involved with a wonderful organization called NAMI (the National Alliance on Mental Illness).  I have psychotic disorder NOS (not otherwise specified…basically they don’t know which one exactly) and it causes me to see and hear things that aren’t really there and I have problems with depression and anxiety.  I am happy to say that now with the correct medication it is in remission.  I got Riley last year when my disorder was bad.  I would see people in my bedroom at night that weren’t really there so I wanted to get a dog that could sleep with me that I could wake up in the night and she would bark if there was really anyone there.  Riley has been my lifeline for the last year and 3 months.

For more information about NAMI, check out their website!  They provide support services for people with mental illness and their families and friends.  1 in 4 people are diagnosed with a mental illness, so this means you likely know someone with a mental illness or may have one yourself.

Every year I participate in NAMI Walks Virginia.  Last year, Riley walked with me!  I don’t think she’s going to be able to walk the 5K with me this year because her hips are starting to bother her again.  😦  Anyway, the walk is held in Richmond on October 9th.  I have $180 left to raise to meet my goal of $500.  I’m not looking for big donations, I’m only looking for $5 to $10 from a bunch of people so one or two people don’t have to donate a large amount.  We can all make a difference.  Check out my fundraising website!  Thanks!

Riley and I walking last year (October 3, 2009)!