Riley’s New Shaka Dog Hawaii Collar

I just had to post how much I love Riley’s Shaka Dog Hawaii collars!

The collar Riley usually wears on therapy visits is a light pink plaid 3/4″ combo collar (meaning that it’s a martingale collar so she can’t somehow slip out of it, but it also has a snap on the side so you don’t have to adjust it every time you put it on or take it off), that we’ve had about 6 months.  It gets a little dirty since it’s a light color and she wears it 24/7, so I decided to order Riley a darker one and I can switch between the collars when I wash them.

I, of course, had to get her a pink one because everyone always thinks she’s a boy…and I got her a 1 inch wide one this time because they had more design options in the 1″ size and with her size and weight, she probably needs a 1″ collar.  I don’t have a hard time controlling her, so really another 3/4″ would have been fine, but I couldn’t resist getting her a hot pink leopard print collar!  (Don’t worry, no leopards were hurt in the making of the collar…!)

I am so happy with how it looks.  The collars are handmade in Hawaii and got here in about a week.  They also have hound collars, regular snap collars, martingale collars, and these combo collars.  They make the collars in all sorts of sizes and widths, so check out the website that’s linked at the top of the post.  They have leashes, belly bands, and beds…plus headbands for humans so you can match your dog if you really wanted to go to that extreme…  🙂  I must say, the hot pink looks striking against her black fur!  Here are some pictures I took:

What a Meal!

We read on the Two Little Cavaliers blog about how you could get a free sample of Proportions dog food.  It just looked so yummy on their blog that we just had to try it.  Riley was in hog heaven!  That was the best meal she’d ever eaten.  It’s WAY out of our budget, but I thought I’d share some pictures with you all:

Just for Riley.  408 calories per meal.

It looked and SMELLED gooooood!

She’s in disbelief that she has to sit and wait for it since it smells so much better than her kibble.

She gobbled it all down.  Of course!

This last (blurry) picture is of Riley’s new (yes, another one) collar.  The other one I bought her had to be tightened and loosened and slid over her head and it just wasn’t working for me.  This one’s a snap on martingale from Shaka Dog Hawaii.

Pretty in Pink

I stopped by Care-A-Lot today to get Riley a new rope toy for outside.  Actually, I bought two…seeing the rate she goes through them.  She already has one of the new ones chewed in half.  I also picked up some Frontline while I was there and I MIGHT have given in and bought her a new collar and leash.  It’s like my mom said, she’s a girl and she needs new stuff to wear too!  I tried to get a good picture of her collar but she wouldn’t stay in one place long enough…  It’s a Martingale collar and I must say she looks awfully cute in it!

Oh, but first…the picture we entered into Sugar’s contest!  I couldn’t get Riley to let me put a treat on top of her head or nose, so we settled on 4 Milk Bones on her front legs.
Oh, and also, before we get to the new collar pictures, a picture of Chloe eating a stick.  Chloe had never ever eaten a stick before I got Riley.  Now that she’s seen Riley do it, she’s all about sticks!
A little blurry, but a good shot of the collar.  Of course, I had to get her pink so people would stop calling her a boy or asking me if I had a boy dog.  I have a matching leash too.
Therapy Dog tag on her new collar.
And a shot from above.  Plus some toys…!