Fun & Games

It continues to be hot here!  Luckily we had some storms two nights in a row that have cooled things off a tiny bit!  It was really too muddy for Riles to play outside for the last few days but now it’s dried off.  Poor Riley can only play outside for about 15 or 20 minutes until she gives up on me and leaves me standing playmateless on the patio to go scratch on the back door to go back inside.  Here’s a video of her playing outside with her Best Ball:

Here’s her getting a cool drink of water after playing with her Best Ball:

Oh, and here’s what I found outside that Riley had dug up…  A little paper cup she took outside and buried…:

And to prove that this Cattle Dog isn’t just fun & games 24/7…  I came out of the bathroom the other day and this is how Riley had positioned herself (with the remote and all, no help from any of the humans!):

4 thoughts on “Fun & Games

  1. Riley loves that big ball. I don't know why she feels she needs to bark and growl at it the whole time she's playing with it though. Oh well! It is a great way to get rid of some of that energy!And yes, I did turn on Animal Planet for her! She likes to step on the remote and change the channel.

  2. Gus, Louie, and Callie…Riley was banned from watching Animal Planet until just recently…she used to bark any time she heard dogs barking on TV. She stopped though lately so she's allowed to watch it again (or more, I can watch it in peace again!).

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