Skeeter, Skeeter, Overeater!

One of Riley’s many nicknames is “Skeeter” or “Skee.”  For some reason, when she was a puppy, I called her “Rilesky Lapinski,” thus the “Skeeter” nickname was born.  I like to sing a little song because every time we have a family dinner my mom is the last to finish eating (Riley’s “Grandma”)…  So I sing “Skeeter, Skeeter, compulsive eater, had a Grandma but couldn’t feed her.”  Thus the title of this post (I felt I should explain that!).

Well, last night was probably the best night of Riley’s life.  Riley usually eats dinner around 6:30 but I had somewhere I needed to go at 5:45 and my mom did too.  So we fed Riley half of her food at like 5:40 and I was going to have my mom feed her the other half when she got home at 7:30.  My dad came home from work at around 6:00 while we were both gone and fed Riley all of her food at 6:30.  Since we all have impeccable communication skills, Riley got fed the other half of her food at 7:30…  So Riley double dipped yesterday and got two full dinners instead of just one…best night of her life!

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