Impressed With New Trainer

So I went for a consultation with the new dog trainer I was trying out.  I was very impressed.  We hopefully have a solution for her fear of larger dogs, jumping up on people that come in our house, and wanting to eat our food when we eat on the couch.  I’ve already tried out how to keep her away from my food while I’m eating on the couch and it worked well.  I had her sitting in front of me on the floor while I was eating a snack on the couch and I fed her a treat every so often if she was being good.  She wasn’t a problem at all.  Eventually we can wean her off of the treats and she should just sit on the floor and leave my food alone.  We have all the tools we need to succeed and I don’t need to take her in for training unless what we do doesn’t work.  Anyway, I will be in touch with this trainer and hopefully we won’t have any issues.

Riley loves hearing from her friends!

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