One More Night!

Riley has one more night to sleep in her crate and a day and a half to spend awake in her crate!  I’m taking her upstairs to my room to sleep tomorrow night, she’ll be in the crate tomorrow during the day though.  Then, on Christmas morning, she’s FREEEEEEE!  I think she’s gonna go bonkers when she realizes she can walk/run around with Chloe and play…

She had a taste of freedom on Friday because the electricians came out to our house to fix something and I took her in the gated off dining room and living room.  I figured if I left her in her crate in the family room, she would be entirely too barky!  She was good in the other room though.  Didn’t jump on the couch (she isn’t allowed on the living room couches anyway), she did, however, run to and from the two gates we have up…she wanted the electricians to pet her so badly.  She didn’t bark too much either.

I thought she looked cute in this picture with her leg all stretched out and her paw on the crate door.  Looks like she’s trying to unlatch it, now that I really look at it…wuh oh!

We finally got our stockings hung!

 These are Aunt Baddy, Uncle Jimmy, and Bailey’s stockings.  We didn’t have enough room on the other side for them, so we had to put them on this side instead.

A close-up of Bailey’s stocking.
Riley sleeping well knowing that all of her “fur-iends” on the door are watching out for her!  We have a few more Christmas cards that weren’t hung up yet yesterday when I took this picture!  Thanks to all of our great blogging pals for sending us cards!  We love looking at the creativity and care that went into these cards.

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