Hartz and the Wounded Warrior Project

Riley and I live in a big military area.  We have Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard all in our area.  My brother-in-law (Aunt Baddy’s husband, Riley’s Uncle Jimmy that she loooooves to kiss!) is a Navy Veteran.  Also, the company I used to work for is actually the base for the Wounded Warrior Project in our area and I’ve been to some of their awesome events.  So I was happy when Hartz approached us about doing a WWP post for Memorial Day!

As the leading manufacturer of animal wellness products, Hartzis proud to announce its continued partnership with the Wounded Warrior Project. The WWP, which began in 2002, has now evolved into a full rehabilitative effort for United States veterans. With Memorial Day 2012 just around the corner, they wanted to let you know about their combined efforts to honor the men and women who have served our country.

The WWP is renowned for its canine therapy and support dog programs, and Hartz is a firm believer in the deep and meaningful impact these programs have on both veterans and their canine best friends. In order to raise awareness and support from pet parents all over the nation, they’ve started two major initiatives:

The first initiative is that they’re encouraging their fans on Facebook to change their profile and cover pictures to a Wounded Warrior Project image to honor our brace servicemen and women.  To change your profile and/or cover picture, please visit the Hartz Facebook page

The second initiative is that they recently released special WWP Military Dog toys created in collaboration with the WWP.  For each Military Dog toy sold, Hartz will donate $1 to the WWP. The toys can be found nationally at Amazon.comand Walmart through the end of May. 

 This is one of the toys you can buy and have a dollar donated to the WWP.

I personally am going to buy one of the toys for Riley to play with.  Knowing Riley, it may not last long, but it’s for a worthy cause.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend and remember the true meaning of this holiday!

Riley loves hearing from her friends!

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