A Stick Up Her Butt

I took Riley to the vet today because (and this makes me a bad dog mom…) she’s been having loose stools (not quite diarrhea) since October.  I’m sure she’s tired of having them and I’m sick of cleaning them up in the yard.  I thought maybe it was something in her diet, but nothing had really changed.  So then I thought well maybe she has a parasite or bacteria…yuck.

Riley still weighs 54 pounds (yay!) and was negative for heart worms and Lyme disease so that’s good.  Her stool sample (this is where the stick up her butt part was involved) was also negative for parasites, so that’s also good.  Our wonderful vet, Dr. Hall, thinks that maybe her Rimadyl is causing her stomach to be upset.  She said that after a dog has been on it for a while it can mess with the liver and cause GI upset.  She took a blood sample and is going to call me tomorrow with the results.

In the meantime, Riley’s on a white rice and boiled chicken diet (which she is going to LOVE!!) and is off of her Rimadyl for three days to see if her runny-ness improves.

In the waiting room…waiting.  That’s apparently what you do in a waiting room.

Exam room with all kinds of scary looking stuff on the counter.
Waiting for Dr. Hall
Now Riley doesn’t particularly enjoy her visits to the vet.  She gets very nervous and acts silly.  She still can’t help but love on all the people at the vet though.  One of the girls that works at the front desk, Brooke, loves Riley to death.  She’s seen her since she was 7 weeks old.  She always makes Riley get so excited that she pees…and she did today.  Sigh.
Anyway, as we were leaving, Brooke asked what tricks Riley could do and then made her do them.  She loved Riley’s “sit pretty” trick and had to show it to all the other girls that work at the front desk.  Good job, Riles!!

17 thoughts on “A Stick Up Her Butt

  1. That is good news that Riley is free of heart worms and Lyme disease and that she is at a good weight! However, I hope the stomach issues go away by eating rice and chicken, etc, and please let us know what the vet has to say about the test results! I loved reading that Riley has a special bond with Brooke! I'm sure Riley appreciates her very much!

  2. Good news so far and I am hoping tomorrow's call will be A-OK too! I don't mind going to see the Vet but then they haven't done too much to me….maybe I would think differently if that happened….I'm just sayin'….

  3. We hopes the blood work comes back fine and her stools not be loose no more..You know what helps loose stools?? Peanut Butters.. hu hu's.. sorry… me's try to add some humor of course only and never suggest any bribes..Momma is 'da same way.. if me sneezes wrong or me pee's sideways hers gets all worried.. Yous Momma just being good Momma.. Butt we's glad it's not yucky buggy tingy's..Laters little lady,Anakin Man

  4. I hope Riley is feeling better. We had a stretch with Spike and Dru where they were on the Rice & Chicken diet for months. They loved it at first but then grew bored with it.

Riley loves hearing from her friends!

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