While Mom’s Away…Riley Will PLAY!

So before I get to my next post about the BlogPaws conference, I thought I’d do a post about what Riley did while I was gone.  Riley stayed home with Grandma, Grandpa, and Chloe…and Baby Bailey stayed with them the first two days since Uncle Jimmy goes into work really early (Grandma didn’t want to have to wake up early to go pick Bailey up from her house, so she just spent the night with Grandma and Grandpa).

First, let me say, excuse Grandma’s crappy camera!  She doesn’t quite know how to work it either, so I picked out the best pictures of the bunch…the ones that weren’t fuzzy or blurry.

Here is Riley looking longingly up at her rope toy that I put on top of the grill…since she’s had her back sprain two weeks ago, I haven’t let her play with it.  Obviously SHE thinks she needs to play outside!

Since she can’t have her rope toy, she had to settle on trying to pull up tree roots!

This looks like something that would come from our Newfie friends Sherman and Leroy!

Riley and Chloe decided they needed to play bitey face…except, Riley bites Chloe’s face and dumb Chloe bites Riley’s tags on her collar!  Umm, hello?!?

The start of zoomies!

Okay, Riley, Chloe’s telling you she’s done playing…do you get the hint??

This is our raised garden that we put in a few weeks ago.  Riley and Chloe both can’t resist staying out of it!  Grandpa is going to put some chicken wire around it, but who knows when…!  So far, we’ve found three plants dug up and scattered in the yard–RILEY!!!

Riley was most interested in the watering of the garden.


Riley REALLY wanted Grandpa to throw something…ANYTHING…for her to chase in the yard!  She’s so bored without toys outside.

Here she’s trying to give him a two inch-long scrap of a stick…ain’t gonna work!

Passed out.

“Me, muddy?  Noooo!”
And, finally, because Grandma seems to have a real talent for snapping pictures while dogs are peeing…I include these two gems:

 Now you all know that Riley’s bladder is healthy and that she’s housebroken…
And here’s Chloe finishing up peeing…Riley, you’re going to get pee on your nose!
Speaking of peeing and housebreaking…Grandma said Chloe peed in the house every single day I was gone!  (I was gone from Thursday through Sunday).
Funny story about bad Chloe peeing in the house–we got her from the VA Beach SPCA when she was about a year old.  The first day we brought her home, we sat down to dinner and prayed.  During prayer, she peed on our floor!  We look back on that now and say that should have been a sign that we should have taken her back!!  Haha!  She gets bladder infections a lot and it makes her pee in the house…although, she also does it when her bladder is perfectly healthy!  She also has her favorite indoor pooping spot which just happens to be upstairs in my room in front of my dresser!  We always say she’s doing it because she’s mad I brought bad Riley to live with her four years ago.
Anyway, so I think Grandpa is going to try to take Chloe to the vet some time this week to get her urine checked.  Good thing we just got a new Bissell SpotBot Pet!  We had the older version for several years and used it so much that it kind of fell apart on us.  So the week before I left for BlogPaws, we bought the newer version off of Amazon.  The Bissell people were at a booth at BlogPaws and on Saturday afternoon, they gave a SpotBot Pet away.  I said, “With my luck, I would win it…since we JUST bought a new one!”  Who was I kidding, I didn’t win jack squat at BlogPaws!
So that’s what Riley was up to while I was gone…doesn’t look like she missed me…AT ALL!  Stay tuned for more posts about the BlogPaws Conference!

The Road to BlogPaws

Sorry I wasn’t able to post this weekend while I was at BlogPaws!  I’m determined my Blogger app on my iPad hates me.  I tried to keep Riley’s Twitter and Facebook accounts updated though.  By the way–do you follow us on Twitter and keep up with us on Facebook?

Whew!  Now that THAT’S out of the way…  I began to realize over the weekend that it will probably take me a week (or more) full of blog posts to fully cover what all happened at BlogPaws!  I’ll just start by saying it was awesome.  Purely awesome!  I’m so glad I went–it was definitely worth every penny!  (Psst–plus I brought my sister along, she shopped and vacationed while I was at the conference, so we split the cost of the hotel room which made it even more affordable!).  🙂
So today’s post will just be about the trip up to BlogPaws.  I know, I know, how boring!  Get to the good stuff already!  Patience, grasshopper.  I WILL say that big changes will be coming to the blog in the (hopefully) somewhat near future.  Stay tuned for those.
Me driving up there.  Glad my eyes were on the road and both hands were on the wheel!  (Oh, btw, those braces will be GONE June 27th!).  It was supposed to be a 2 hour, 45 minute drive from my house to Tyson’s Corner, VA (just outside of Washington DC), but ended up being more like a 4 hour drive because of an accident, construction, and the dreaded Northern Virginia traffic!
The beginning of a 16 mile traffic back-up.  An SUV had flipped off the highway and over a guard rail.  It was not pretty.  Hope everyone was okay.
We saw this little gem riding down the interstate around Fredericksburg, VA.  Luckily, they didn’t show up at BlogPaws!
We FINALLY made it to our exit!
My sister (Riley’s Aunt Baddy) took this picture…she thought the name was funny.  Luckily, we didn’t need to pull over and use Don’s John.
We have arrived!  You can’t truly appreciate the “gigantic-ness” of the hotel from this picture.  This was just the welcome sign.  The hotel was a huge tower!  We stayed on the 20th floor and my ears popped every time I rode the elevator up to my room.
Flat Riley was not happy that I forgot about her and made her ride in the trunk (although you can’t tell it from the smile on her face)!  She wanted to sit shotgun.
See how close Flat Riley is sitting to that video game controller?  She kept on trying to charge “luxury amenities” to the room…not on my dime, Flat Riley!
I tried to put Flat Riley to work, but all she did was sit there and smile at me.  SO unproductive.
We left our home in Hampton, VA, around 11 AM (whoops…was planning on leaving around 10:30) and arrived at Tyson’s Corner around 3:30 PM.  We also had to stop for lunch along the way, but still got in way later than I had expected.
I had hoped on going to a session put on by the AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) called “Bloggers Vs Veterinarians: It’s Not a War, Folks… Come Learn How to Get Along.”  It ran from 2:45-4:15, but we didn’t get to the hotel until 3:30 and #1–I was pooped and #2–I was too chicken to waltz in 45 minutes late.  Oh well.  So the first thing I attended was at 6:00 PM, the “Welcome to BlogPaws 2013 Opening Event Pawty!”
But before that, I met up with some awesome bloggers that I’ve known for 3 years or so just through the internet and Facebook…more on that later!

Post-Crate Rest Insanity

Riley FINALLY started to stop acting so crazy yesterday evening!  I guess she had pent up energy from being in her crate for a week…  It was a flashback to puppyhood, 4 years ago.  And it was awful!  So far today, she’s been pretty calm, so hopefully she got it out of her system.

Apparently, she fell off the back of our loveseat this morning while she was up in the window barking (of course she was barking!).  She seems to be fine though.  I swear, this dog is going to be the death of me!

FINALLY zonked out!
I am leaving for BlogPaws tomorrow morning and haven’t even started packing yet!  I’ll try to post from my iPad while I’m there, but sometimes the Blogger app doesn’t work right, so we shall see.  I’ll for sure be posting about it when I get back!