We Have a Winner!

We have a winner for the Awkward Family Pet Photos giveaway!  The winner is:

Comment number 8–Barbara from If I Didn’t Have a Sense of Humor!  (I know this looks rigged, but I swear that’s the number that came up the first time–Riley just won a toy over on Barbara’s blog last week).  I know Barbara will definitely enjoy the humor in this book!
In other news, Riley has been doing very well.  She’s not overly happy to be in her crate, but she’s dealing with it.  She’s sleeping right now.  She and Chloe crossed paths yesterday when I failed to put Chloe in the dining room when I took Riley out (Chloe was asleep under some blankets–who knew she would get up and come to see Riley!).  They sniffed each others’ butts and Riley put her paw up on Chloe wanting to play with her.  I guess that’s a good sign!
Her physical therapy is still going well, she’s super flexible still.  It was super windy here last night and I kept waking up in the night, but Riley slept right through it (or at least she didn’t want to get up and go out…smart dog…too windy and cold for that!).

Physical Therapy

In case you missed yesterday’s post, you have a chance to win your very own copy of “Awkward Family Pet Photos,” a hilarious book I reviewed on Tuesday.  Click here to enter!

Here is a short video we took of me doing Riley’s physical therapy with her!

Sorry the video is so dark.  As you can see, she’s pretty flexible right now (just as flexible as she was before surgery)…yay!!

Progress and a New Friend!

Well, we are 8 days post-surgery and the native is getting restless.  She is obviously feeling a whole lot better because she’s taken to sporadic bursts of barking and scratching on the crate door.  We have been doing the heat regimen of 15 minutes of a hot compress on her leg two or three times a day.  6 more days until her staples come out!

Hot compress and time out of the crate!
No, friends, she’s not yawning…that’s her barking!  See my pillow next to her crate?

We got a nice surprise in the mail today–the toy Riley won over at Miss Barbara’s blog that the OP Pack passed along to her came…that was SUPER fast!  They must have known Riley is getting cabin fever!  It’s the cutest monkey toy you ever did see and she LOVES it!  She’s trying to rip it apart at the moment and is having tons of fun with it.

It even says “I Love You” on it, how sweet!

Plus they included some treat samples in the package and both dogs enjoyed those!

Playing with her new toy!
Riley’s incision still looks great and I can’t believe that she hardly ever tries to lick it.  I have to tell her to “leave it” maybe once or twice a day, but other than that, she leaves it alone.  She had diarrhea a couple of days ago but that seems to have cleared up now.  I think it was because she was drinking some rain water outside a few days ago and maybe that was doing it…who knows.