Walking and Swimming

I took Riley by the vet today to weigh her as I was starting to think she was looking a little porky…  I was right!  She’s hasn’t just gotten a little porky–she’s gained 6 pounds since we were there about 3 months ago!!  6!!!  Sheesh.  She’s up to a whopping 58 pounds now, although she doesn’t look all that fat, just a little rotund.

So now we’re doing a big diet and exercise regimen with her!  We went to a local park this morning and walked around the lake there and Riley got to get a little wet.  Then, since it was hot, we came home and filled up the kiddie pool for the dogs in the backyard.  They had a blast with both things.  Chloe doesn’t like to share the kiddie pool with Riley, so we had to hold Chloe outside of the pool every so often so Riley could get in and cool off some.

Riley and I on the pier.

Walking with Chloe and Grandma trailing behind us.  Chloe caught up quickly though and pretty much trotted the whole way!

A loverly butt shot.

Cooling off a bit in the lake.  There’s a little sandy “beach” area that you can wade in.

Chloe likes to try to bite at the water that you splash at her.  She was the one that spent the majority of the time in the pool, but we did give her little breaks so Riley could cool off some.

Riley liked to lie down in it and cool off her belly.

And of course she went to the dirtiest spot in the yard and rolled around, getting filthy!  Isn’t that how it always works?

I love this picture of her…she looks so happy!!  🙂
We hope you all get to do something fun today with your humans!

Nails & Glands…Such Fun…Not!

I took Riley to the vet’s office today for a nail trim and an anal gland squeezing.  Lots of fun…or not.  She weighs 54 pounds, so is good on that front.  Once again, they told me her nails were already short (it’s been like 2 months since she had them trimmed last) but that they trimmed the tips off anyway.

Now onto the anal glands…  I’ve tried to empty them before but can’t seem to get the procedure down.  I’ve even watched videos online about how to do it but I’m still unable to do it.  The tech told me that her glands were VERY full but that all the fluid looked normal.  I told her I can’t for the life of me get them squeezed out myself and she told me they could show me next time.  Phew.  They said Riley was a good girl in back, so that’s another “Phew!”

Riley’s all nice and pretty to go to the nursing home again Friday!  I’m looking forward to going and I’m sure she’ll be more than happy to go.  Sorry for the nastiness of the post!

Slim and Trim

I took Riley to get her nails trimmed at the vet today (they were like daggers!).  At first she hid under the chairs and didn’t want to go to the back with the tech.  I had to walk her to the door to the back and she was fine after that.  They weighed her and she now weighs 49 pounds.  She weighed 51.6 pounds a couple weeks ago when I took her to the veterinary surgeon.  I guess her no treat diet has been working!  She was never overweight but the less weight she has on her, the better for her hips.  She’s also been able to play fetch short distances in the house and has gotten to run around and play with my parents’ dog, Chloe.  I have only taken her for a walk a few times since she’s been off crate rest because it’s been so cold and wet out.  Once the weather gets better she’ll get to go on more walks.  The exercise is good for her hips and her waistline!

Riley passed out on my parents’ bed after an evening of fetch.  Don’t be fooled, this time of rest didn’t last long!