Fake Poop Story Guest Post by Riley’s Grandma

This is Riley’s grandma and I have a story to tell on Riley…the other day when I came home, Elyse and Riley were in the dining room. After briefly greeting them, Riley’s mommy says, “Did one of the dogs poop inside? I smell poop!” I didn’t smell anything, but she kept insisting she smelled poop…so I began looking around and lo and behold there was a big pile of poop that could have belonged to no one except Riley! I said, “I found it and it was Riley! I can’t believe Riley pooped in the house. She’s never pooped inside, not even when she was a little puppy!” Of course, upon further inspection I discovered it was fake poop.  What a relief…my faith in Riley’s impeccable bathroom habits was restored!  Riley and her mommy better watch out though, because they aren’t the only ones who can pull a great trick over on someone!
Riley and her fake pile of poop.

Riley and/or Chloe chewed on the poop a little bit, so now it looks like it has paper in it.

New Trick

Well, Riley has had a week and a half to recover from her birthday.  I’ve noticed she’s continuing to calm down like she has the last month or so.  I taught her a new trick a couple of days ago.  It took her one session to learn it, smart girl!  It’s “Sit Pretty” where she sits back on her hind legs with her front paws in the air.  I’ll have to get a picture of it to post on here.  So now she can sit, down, come, stay, front, shake, and sit pretty.  And leave it and go get it.  Any ideas as to what should be the next trick?  I tried to teach her to play dead and roll over but that wasn’t going to well.  I don’t think we’re ready to tackle those two yet.