The Insanity Workout

I am feeling loads and loads better today!  The antibiotics seem to be finally kicking in.  The pain from the pleurisy is all gone today.  In fact, I am feeling so good today that I lost my mind decided to give Riley a bath before her nursing home visit tomorrow.  She hadn’t had a bath in forever (a few months at least) and has been delighting in getting dirty and muddy lately.

A quick note about our “fancy pants” retirement community we’re going to start visiting: the activities director called me on Tuesday and said that in all of her excitement about Riley and I coming to start visits, she forgot that I have to fill out paperwork, have a criminal background check, and have a PPD (tuberculosis) test before we can start.  Our first visit was supposed to be today at 2:00, but I went by and filled out the paperwork yesterday and am waiting on a call back about when I can go get the PPD done.  I am actually glad to see that they require all of their volunteers do this–it seems smart to me.  So I don’t mind the delay!  Oh, and I met Luke, the yellow lab that’s a therapy dog there already.  He’s 11 and SUPER mellow…Riley’s gonna seem like the Tasmanian Devil compared to him!  😉
You’ve heard of the Insanity workout program?  Yes?  Good.  Here’s Riley being insane demonstrating that workout right after her bath…

A Quick Post

This is just a quick post…no pictures, unfortunately.  We just got back from our regular Friday nursing home visit!  We went this morning instead of our usual 1:30 PM time because I’m heading up to the art show this afternoon.

We are confirmed for every other Thursday at the assisted living place I was talking about the other day!  They already have a TDI dog visiting every Tuesday, but we’re just going to add to their visits.  I am going to meet with the Activities Coordinator next Tuesday to get a tour and to bring her all of Riley’s shot records and a copy of her badge.

Anywho, I’m getting excited about the art show!!  Just a few more hours til I head up there!  🙂