Physical Therapy

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Here is a short video we took of me doing Riley’s physical therapy with her!

Sorry the video is so dark.  As you can see, she’s pretty flexible right now (just as flexible as she was before surgery)…yay!!

Surgery Tomorrow :(

Well, I suppose I called my truce with blogging a little too soon.  Riley is having knee surgery tomorrow morning for a complete rupture of her cranial cruciate ligament.  She was outside running around on Thursday and came in limping on her right hind leg.  I was afraid it was her hip, but it’s her knee instead.

She is having TPLO surgery (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy).  So they’ll screw a stainless steel implant into her bones in her leg and it will keep her shin bone from jutting forward like it does right now with the ligament torn.  She’ll stay overnight at the Emergency Vet Clinic tomorrow night and I should be able to pick her up on Wednesday and bring her home.  Then she’ll be on crate rest for 8 (yes, eight!) weeks.  😦  I think the crate rest is going to be the worst part!

This is what her knee will look like afterwards.

So say a little prayer for Riley girl tomorrow if you remember!  I’ll update as soon as I hear anything about how her surgery went tomorrow.

We’re Baaaaack!!

Well, lets see…what has happened since our “blogging break” a few weeks ago:

Aunt Baddy had minor surgery about 3 weeks ago and went to her follow-up appointment today and is good to go–she’s back at normal activity.

Cousin Highway (the white Boxer) had a hugely swollen ear flap and it turned out he had a hematoma that the vet had to operate on.  He had to wear a dreaded cone for about a week!  He had a drain in his ear, plus stitches.  They took the drain out 3 days before they removed the stitches.  He’s good to go now though and is back up to his normal dorky self!  🙂

Chloe went to the vet to have her urine cultured again and this time it was negative for infection–yay!  Since her surgery, she’s been a little incontinent when she sleeps, so we have “Pee-Pee Pads” lying all over the couch, love seat, and bed.  The vet prescribed her some medication to try for the incontinence, but it takes 2-4 weeks to start seeing the effects apparently.

I got “braced” a little over two weeks ago!  I’m all adjusted to the braces now…eating some things proves to be a little messy still though, but I’m getting better at it!

 Goofy pic, but you get the idea…
Our air conditioner went out at home around lunchtime on Sunday, but we didn’t realize it until about 7 or 8:00 that evening and no one could come out until Monday morning (July 4th).  Luckily, the guy came out around 9:30 Monday morning and fixed it in about 30 minutes!  He said his brother has an Australian Cattle Dog and lives on a horse farm, so the dog tries to herd the horses and bites at their heels!  So Riley got to sniff of him and made a friend.
Riley has been doing pretty well overall.  Same old, same old.  Her right hip was really bothering her yesterday evening though.  I think it was probably because of the weather outside–it was storming something awful!  She had also been lying down sleeping for a while, so was pretty stiff when she got up.  She limped around and could hardly put any weight on her right hind leg.  😦  I gave her a pain killer and an anti-inflammatory and in an hour or two she was walking normal again.
We’re hopefully going to have a giveaway going on here sometime soon, so stay posted!!  What have we missed with all of you?