Riley is Home from Surgery!!

Riley came home at around 11:30 this morning.  Her leg looks good from what I’ve been able to see of it and she isn’t too terribly swollen up.  She is starting to put a little bit of weight on that leg already (not consistently though)–go Riley!

You can see her in her crate kind of…it’s a little dark, but whatever.
She is being so good with keeping calm and quiet in her crate…even though Chloe is looking out of her favorite perch at the front window!  I just fed and medicated Riley and I’m expecting her to go back to sleep soon.  She was whining for a few seconds earlier but I think she was just bored.
She has a leg full of staples and is sporting a fancy new leg shaving hair do!  I’ll try to get a good pic of it later.

The Not-So-Perfect Patient

Chloe is doing well.  She is still putting up one heck of a fuss when she’s in the crate.  She got to spend the weekend on the couch tethered to my mom or dad, and Riley and I spent the weekend upstairs or outside or else Riley was in the crate.

Today, I thought Chloe was finally getting used to being in the crate because she was quieter than usual (still not quiet, but just more so than usual).  Little did I know she was actually tearing apart the fabric cover on the crate.  Sheesh!  Chloe is almost 13 years old.  Riley was in that crate when she was a puppy and still has to spend some time in it nowadays as well.  Riley has NEVER bothered the crate cover.  Chloe has also chewed some of the black finish off of the bars of the crate and has actually bent the crate door inward tugging on it with her teeth.

Oh, and her teeth…she’s broken BOTH of her bottom canine teeth (if you recall, she has already broken both of her top canines doing the same thing at the boarding kennel and has had to have two root canals on them!).  She goes back for her staple removal Wednesday morning and we’re hoping she gets cleared for normal activity (or at least get off of crate rest).  My dad is going to ask the surgeon on Wednesday to take a look at her teeth and see if she thinks anything needs to be done for them.

Anyway, enough of my yapping, here are some pictures…

Riley is actually on the other side of that glass door, but you can’t see her through her “mud art!”  It’s been raining a lot lately, so it’s muddy outside and it gets all over the outside of the back door when she scratches on the back door to get back inside.

The torn up crate cover…and you can see the box to our NEW air mattress we had to buy since Chloe destroyed the other one.

A close up of the torn up crate cover.

You can kind of see where she’s chewed off some of the finish on the crate and you can see at the bottom of the door where it is bent inward a little bit.

My new nickname for Chloe is “Luci.”  Short for “Lucifur!”  🙂

Her staples look pretty good!  (Mainly because she’s been too busy destroying things to actually lick her incision!)

Where they removed her fatty lipoma off of her chest.

My parents have been tethering Chloe to the table leg while we eat dinner (Riley stays outside right now during dinner until this restriction is over), and she’s chewed through part of the leash.
So that’s what’s going on in our little world right now!  Riley is doing great…she’s been soooo incredibly good throughout this ordeal!  We have a nursing home visit scheduled for this Friday afternoon and we’re planning on making it up to class on Thursday night since it’s not supposed to rain on Thursday.