Sleepover Fun

We had way too much fun (and food) last night at our sleepover:

Getting ready to start the night off right!  Riley, Grandma, Chloe, and Aunt Baddy on the couch.
Aunt Baddy made cupcakes!  Too bad they were only for the humans!
Riley was scared (of course) of the marshmallow on a stick.
S’mores bites…yum!  Only for humans though…bummer.  Riley did get a Peanut Butter & Banana Frosty Paws earlier though.
Riley and Mommy on the couch snuggling.  Riley looks quite goofy in this pic!!
All cozy in bed.  Riley hadn’t laid down yet at this point.  This was at like 10:30.  We actually had the light off but the flash lit up the room.
I hope everyone enjoys their Labor Day!!


There is a particular little (well, not so little) cattle dog who is having a sleepover tonight with her Aunt Baddy!  Riley’s not sleeping anywhere different, but my sister is staying with us tonight.

Aunt Baddy and Riley, posing for a quick picture.
These are Riley’s cousins, Daisy (brown) and Highway (white)…  They aren’t spending the night tonight though.
We’ll let you know what kinds of fun things we did!