Riley’s Two New Tricks

Here’s a very short video of Riley’s two new tricks…  “Peekaboo” and “Roll Over.”  She learned Peekaboo in about 10 minutes and she learned Roll Over Saturday afternoon and was able to do it Sunday morning for Aunt Baddy and Uncle Jimmy.  Smart cookie.  Well, maybe not so smart…I tried teaching her to Roll Over before, and she didn’t get it so I gave up on it.  She caught on quickly this time though, so I guess she was ready.  She won’t attempt to do it if she feels like she doesn’t have enough room to roll over…crazy girl!

And how crazy is this…it was 73 degrees yesterday and today it was 35 and flurried for about 30 minutes!!  We can’t wait until the return of warmer weather!

This is the last week of my nutrition class and I have all of my assignments done…except my paper!  Eeek!  I have to turn that in by Saturday night, so my blog visiting time will be limited for a few days.