Crates are Boring!

Riley says to tell all her “furiends” that crates are boring and to bust out of one as soon as you get an opportunity (her opportunity just won’t present itself for another 5 weeks)!!  I took some of her kibble, wet it, stuffed it inside a green Kong-type squirrel dude toy, and froze it, then gave it to her to keep her busy…the crazy dog decided she wanted to hide it in her crate instead…

Trying to hide it in her dog bed…  We’re beginning our 3rd week of crate rest.  She will hopefully get sprung from the crate on December 14th, after her follow-up appointment at the surgeon’s office.
She is doing so very well.  A little too well…she tried to take off after a bird this afternoon outside but she was on her leash, so she just got to the end of her 6 foot leash and then had to stop.  Bummer!  🙂  Her leg is looking great!  I’ve posted a fairly grainy picture of her incision, so just use your imagination.  Her PT is going well.  She usually lasts the whole 10 minutes of therapy, unless of course, she’s being all riled up and wanting to roach around on the carpet during therapy…sigh.
You can see a little bit where her incision was and her fur is growing back in now!

Oh, and today, I renewed Riley’s Therapy Dogs International registration so she can make visits in 2012!

Birthday Trip and Professional Pictures!

My mom (Riley’s Grandma), sister (Riley’s Aunt Baddy), and I had a fun overnight trip to Virginia Beach on Friday night.  We ate (too much), shopped, and swam.  Here are some of our pics:

We stayed at the Westin (don’t worry, Aunt Baddy–the coupon queen–got a killer deal on it!  Normally, we would NOT be staying somewhere as expensive as the Westin!).
We had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory…yum!  I’m sure we each consumed about 5,000 calories there, but hey, we never go!
Trying to tame “The Poof!”  The two birthday girls.
They had a salt water pool at the hotel on the 5th floor.
I was into being silly on the trip for some reason!  (Aunt Baddy on the left with bunny ears, and me on the right).

Darn the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel making all traffic stop!  Luckily, it was only for about 2 minutes.
Riley and I just got back from having her pictures taken.  She did really well, but is passed out on the couch right now!  The photographer was great and–best of all–quick!  We were able to keep Riley’s attention for about 25 minutes.  Pretty good considering Riley has doggy ADD, I’m sure!  🙂  I was able to get some shots with Riley, shots of Riley in her therapy gear, shots of her in her different bandannas and costumes, and shots of her doing her tricks.  We should get the pictures back sometime next week, but the photographer may post some sneak peeks on Facebook before then, so I’ll be sure to share them if she does.