Rainy Day

Apparently Tropical Storm Nicole is making it’s way through sometime soon.  It’s been rainy for the last 4 or 5 days.  Here are some pictures from today…

Whatchoo lookin’ at??
Multitasking at its finest.
The little stinker doesn’t mind getting wet for some reason…!

You Call That a Storm?

As I expected, the storm was nothing.  Riley and I slept right through the worst of it.  It just looks like it rained here.  We still have our gutters and downspout extensions (barring that Riley doesn’t get a hold of them!), so that’s good.  We all survived!  Riley’s a little disappointed she has to hang out inside today.  She’s lying down quietly right now.

“Aww, man, I can’t go outside!?!?”

Like our vegetation on the back fence?

The lovely view out of our backyard…  An old, abandoned Army reserve base.

Baby, It’s Wet Outside!

It is quite wet outside!  We have flash flood warnings until 7:45.  Our backyard is starting to flood a little bit and, of course, Miss Riley decided to go trudging through all the puddles.  The water went about 1/3 of the way up her legs but she didn’t mind…  (Check out my sister’s blog for more flooding pictures)!
You can see a mess of a cattle dog out there near the back fence.
What’s up Mom?  I don’t mind getting wet!  Now throw the pipe!!
We go to the nursing home again tomorrow.  Hopefully it’ll be dried up some and cooled off.  It was 98 degrees outside today!  I mean, I’m not in Arizona or the Sahara Desert, come on!  Anyway, hopefully I’ll have a nice cool, non-muddy therapy dog visiting tomorrow!