Honor Society Induction Ceremony

So last night was the Phi Theta Kappa honor society induction ceremony.  Let me just warn you that my dad was, for some strange reason, taking pictures with one hand…don’t even get me started…so most of the pictures are bad and blurry.  But they’re the only pictures I have, so I’ll post them anyway.

The stage…I think they could have ironed the table covers…but hey, we’re talking community college here.

The program.

All the big wigs!

Me walking in.  Ignore the girl behind me waving…!

Keynote speaker–Garon Tate–from Phi Theta Kappa International.  He was entertaining and kept his speech pretty short.

That blurry thing on stage is me…I told you about my dad’s awful pictures!!

Yet another high quality photo…!

Finally a decent picture…but of the back of me!

Me and my sister, Riley’s Aunt Baddy, after the ceremony.  Her husband, Riley’s beloved Uncle Jimmy, came too but I didn’t get a picture with him for some reason…now I wish I would have!!

My mom, me, and my dad–the horrible photographer!  (Riley’s Grandma and Grandpa).

They spelled and pronounced my name correctly…I was shocked!!

My fancy, schmancy certificate!
Riley and I have a therapy visit scheduled at the nursing home this afternoon, and then it’s the WEEKEND!!!