I’m Ba-aack!

I got back from St. Louis laaate Sunday night…around midnight.  Riley and I were both so happy to see each other!!  I had a good trip overall.  I had a delayed flight on the way back (which ALWAYS happens when I go to St. Louis), but I did get home safe and sound.  I look forward to catching up on everyone’s blogs, but we have a lot of friends, so it may take me a while to get around to everyone!!

Here are some pictures of me and Riley’s reunion:

“Oh, Mommy!!  I’m so happy I could just smother you…literally!”

So happy to see my girl again!

“Thank you, Grandpa, for feeding me every day and playing with me!”


Catching up!
P.S. to Puddles:  Riley is verrrrrrry jealous of your chipmunk killing!!  🙂

Stylin’ Riley’n!

I just had to add that “n” to the end of Riley’s name in the title…just to make it rhyme!  We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!  We sure did.  We enjoyed a nice dinner and Riley’s Grandma made all the humans an Easter basket.  The rest of the family went to church, but I just couldn’t seem to get up on time.  😦

A week or two ago, I sent my wonderful friend, Kim (who lives in MO), Riley’s Therapy Dogs International bandana to embroider her name on.  I just got it back in the mail today and it looks fabulous!

It was about 90 degrees here today, and I went golfing with Riley’s Grandpa (my Dad).  It was the looongest golf game ever…there was a ladies league playing two parties ahead of us on the front nine and one of the ladies must have been in her late 80’s.  Anyway, I have nothing against the elderly–in fact, I’m quite fond of them–but these women were just so slow.  So our 4 hours or less golf game ended up being about 4 hours and 45 minutes…sheesh!

Riley stayed home with Chloe and Grandma and got to play for a little while outside.  Then when I got home, I poop-scooped and played fetch with Riley in the backyard.  It was still quite warm at the time…here’s what Riles looked like when she came in:

Tired, but happy!
I’ll be out of town from Wednesday until Sunday, and Riley’s going to spend lots of time with Grandma, Grandpa, and Chloe.  I’m sure she’ll get waaaay too many treats and too much food and will weigh 5 pounds more when I get back, but what can ya do?  I’ll try to update my blog from my iPod…if it cooperates…but if not, just know that Riley’s in good hands!  We’re going to try to get by and visit everyone’s blogs before I leave.

Richmond Trip!

Sorry this is kind of a long post, but I wanted to be sure to get all my vacation pictures in here.  It was Riley’s Aunt “Baddy’s Birthday Extravaganza Shopping Trip to Richmond.”  Riley stayed home with her Grandpa and did well sleeping with him and Chloe in the bed.

 Donuts on the way out of town.
Aunt Baddy’s birthday goody bag.
Our hotel.
This was the inside of an Arby’s fast food restaurant, believe it or not.
One of the four malls we shopped at.
Apparently Chloe is making royalties off of her perfume line and we just don’t know it.  Sneaky little dog!
Aunt Baddy thought the water was a little too cold…I thought it was warm, actually!
Of course Grandma fell asleep early…and is going to kill me for putting her picture on here…
And Chloe’s making money off of these tart tins at Home Goods!  I’m beginning to think something fishy is going on around here…
Don’t ANYONE tell Riley this picture is on here…  Me looking at another dog!  Not to get one to come live with us, but just looking at this dog for adoption outside of Whole Foods.  I can only handle two dogs in this house, we don’t need a third!!
Look at all the Orbee Tuff stuff they had at Whole Foods!  The balls were the large ones instead of medium or else I would have gotten Riley another one.
Me and Riley’s Aunt Baddy (AKA my sister…) with the pumpkins at Whole Foods.  The sun was in our eyes, that’s why I look like I’m in pain here…!
Us at Short Pump Mall.
Finally, at long last, another person with my name!
Okay, now this is at Stony Point Fashion Park…a dog friendly shopping area.  I got Riley and Chloe some yummy things at the Three Dog Bakery.
And look who had visited there…  None other than Maggie Mae the Boxer!  Do you like your special house they built (er, painted) for you, Maggie Mae?
Riley was one of the Fashion Top Dogs at Stony Point.  Wait, that doesn’t look like Riley…the ears do but where are her black eyes and gray fur?  Hmm…another something fishy going on here!
We were one day too early for the Howl-O-Ween Dog Costume Contest!  Look Maggie Mae, they have “Maggie Mondays!”  Maybe that’s something they should have everywhere!
There were no real Cattle Dogs at Stony Point so I had to settle for these two friends on a calendar.
The full back of Aunt Baddy’s car!  Too much shopping!
Here are the treats Riley and Chloe got from the Three Dog Bakery!
I don’t know why Blogger has been turning my pictures sideways…UGH!!  Anyway, here’s Riley enjoying her “Pupcake” and happy to have me home.
P.S.–Riley’s toenail is still looking good!  🙂