Beautiful Weather

I know a lot of areas in the US are having horrible weather–floods and fires, etc.  We have been having very nice, cool weather, so I thought I would brag about it!  🙂  No, but seriously, we are thinking of everyone who is being affected by the fires and the flooding and we hope everything gets resolved quickly!

It was in the mid to high 70’s yesterday and sunny.  It’s supposed to be nice again today, tomorrow, and Thursday, and then rain on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (yuck!!).  I guess that’s what I get for bragging, huh?

We enjoyed a nice day in the backyard yesterday and I finally took some pictures.

Chloe sunning herself and Riley cooling off in the shade.

Riley and her beloved pink Wubba!

Chewing on a stick.

Look at those chompers!!  Yikes!  🙂

Pretty girl.

The day wouldn’t be complete without some roaching around in the grass!

Unfortunately, while we were playing fetch, I threw the Wubba a little too close to the tree and Riley scraped a bunch of fur off of her right hind leg.  😦  It didn’t seem to bother her too much.  It was all red and bloody looking yesterday, but I put hydrogen peroxide on it and the picture above is how it looks today–much better!
I am going by the assisted living facility (that we’re going to start visiting) this afternoon without Riley to drop off all of our paperwork and get a little mini-tour!

Another Nice Day

Well, today has been another nice day here weather-wise (I had a dentist appointment and doctor’s appointment today…so it was not that nice in that aspect…)!  During my free time, Riley, Chloe, and I have been outside enjoying the sunshine.  It’s about 70 degrees here today with clear, gorgeous skies!

Stark contrast…Chloe LOVES to be in the sun…Riley gets too hot in the sun, so she prefers to cool off in the shade.

Riley taking a breather inside after playing fetch outside with her Wubba!