Pretty in Pink

I stopped by Care-A-Lot today to get Riley a new rope toy for outside.  Actually, I bought two…seeing the rate she goes through them.  She already has one of the new ones chewed in half.  I also picked up some Frontline while I was there and I MIGHT have given in and bought her a new collar and leash.  It’s like my mom said, she’s a girl and she needs new stuff to wear too!  I tried to get a good picture of her collar but she wouldn’t stay in one place long enough…  It’s a Martingale collar and I must say she looks awfully cute in it!

Oh, but first…the picture we entered into Sugar’s contest!  I couldn’t get Riley to let me put a treat on top of her head or nose, so we settled on 4 Milk Bones on her front legs.
Oh, and also, before we get to the new collar pictures, a picture of Chloe eating a stick.  Chloe had never ever eaten a stick before I got Riley.  Now that she’s seen Riley do it, she’s all about sticks!
A little blurry, but a good shot of the collar.  Of course, I had to get her pink so people would stop calling her a boy or asking me if I had a boy dog.  I have a matching leash too.
Therapy Dog tag on her new collar.
And a shot from above.  Plus some toys…!