Tennis Racket Bliss

Riley and I report to middle school (yikes!) on November 4th for their Paws to Read program.  That may or may not bring back awkward memories for me…!

I just now discovered an old tennis racket I had out in our garage.  My mom and sister are having a yard sale this Saturday, so they were finding all kinds of things of mine to sell.  They’re not selling this tennis racket!  I took one of Riley’s favorite orange balls outside and hit it across the yard with the tennis racket.  She LOVED that!  She got a bit muddy since it’s been raining the last few days, but I just wiped her off and she’s good to go now.

TV or ball??  I think BALL!!
Ready to go outside and play!!
After coming in…the ball’s a bit dirty.  Oh well, Riley doesn’t care one bit.

Pillow Stealer!

Here’s where I found Riley when I got out of the shower this morning…:

Riley and I are going to start visiting a middle school starting in October or November for their reading program.  I’m pretty excited about it and I think she’ll do great with middle school kids.  Our next nursing home visit is this Friday and of course Riley’s going to love that like usual!

Here’s Riley helping me unpack last night:

(As you can see, I don’t typically make my bed…I’m just going to mess it up and get right back in it anyway…!).