Helping Study

Only one more chapter of microbiology to go and one more chapter of developmental psychology to go…I’m in the home stretch!  I can almost taste freedom!  I looked up from my book last night and there was my study buddy staring at me.

“Please come play with me, Mommy!!”

Out of the Study Cave!!

Whew…  It’s been a few days.  I have been in the microbiology study cave for the last few days.  Luckily I’m 95% done with all my studying so I can take a quick break to update Riley’s blog.

I have no pictures today because of said study cave…

I heard back from Riley’s trainer and it looks like we can start class on Monday night.  It’s a drop-in class, so that’s good because we’ll have to miss once or twice a month because of my NAMI meetings.  This is an advanced class so hopefully we’re advanced enough to join in!  The trainer recommended this class for us, so I’m sure it will be fine.

Riley’s been SOOOO good for me while I’ve been studying.  If I tell her to “go lay down” (I know, grammatically incorrect but I’ve already trained her using that phrase) she’ll settle down near me on the couch or bed.  I did have to finally reward her just a few minutes ago by hitting one of her orange balls outside for her with that old racquetball racket.  Now she’s gonna pant herself to death!

Studying and Some Good Food!!

I started back to college last week.  I haven’t been in over a year or two so I’m getting back into the routine of studying and having no life.  I’m only taking 2 classes!  BUT…  One of them is Microbiology.  It seems interesting enough but it also seems hard enough.  Here’s Riley helping me study:

The dogs LOVED their Frosty Paws!  Here are some pictures of Riley and Chloe devouring them…:

I promise there is a Blueberry and Banana Frosty Paws ice cube in her mouth…