Library Book Sale Among Other Things

Today my mom, sister, and I went to the public library’s book sale.  The have it about 4 times a year.  I got a few good things:

I got A&E’s “The Incredible Story of Dogs” series on VHS.  My sister assures me that her VCR still works!  It better!  And a Monks of New Skete book that I wanted last year for Christmas but didn’t get.  I got all this for $3.50.
 On loan forever to me!
“Okay, Mommy, you ready to watch the videos with me?”
This is where I found Chloe the other day…  This is on my mom and dad’s bed and they don’t like to let the dogs up near their pillows.  And Chloe, after living here for 11 years, FOR SURE knows not to get up there!
But it was my dad’s side of the bed and he’s crazy for Chloe, so I doubt he minded much.  I think she was just secretly trying to read the Microbiology book while we weren’t looking!
And lastly, to end on a festive picture…!