Our Visit Today

We went to the second nursing home today.  Riley did great!  All her training is paying off.  She did feel the need to sniff this guy’s bandage on his foot but she stopped when I told her to “Leave It.”  There was a group of about 5 residents that really loved her, so we visited with them twice.  They wanted to know when we were coming back and said they would always want to see her.  One lady said she loved Riley.  One lady was calling Riley “Wally,” but that’s okay, my hearing’s not always that great either.  Riley responded to her anyway.

I heard stories about one lady’s Beagle, a guy’s Bichon Frise, and a woman’s Shih Tzu.  It’s neat to hear about what kind of dogs people have owned.  Anyway, I’ll be calling to schedule our next visit soon!

Therapy Dog Training

We have been working on brushing up on training for Riley’s Therapy Dog International test next Thursday.  We’re not going to be able to make it to the practice test this week because of something else I’m doing but we have been working hard at home.

We’ve been working on walking on a loose leash, sit and down on command, stay, come, and leave it.  The other things on the test will be easy for her to pass (as will the ones I just mentioned), like say hello, greeting a friendly stranger, and supervised separation.  I’m pretty sure she’s going to pass with flying colors, but you never know because she is just a dog and they can be unpredictable.  Hopefully we’ll have no problems and go sailing through to getting certified!