Miss Manners

Since Riley was your very own Personal Trainer on Thursday demonstrating how to properly execute (and enjoy) the Insanity Workout, she feels she needs to do a post on how to stay properly hydrated when exercising!  She also is applying to become a regular writer on the “Miss Manners” newspaper column.  Not sure how that last bit is going to work out though!

“First, you test out the temperature with your tongue…you want the water to be nice and cool, not too hot and not cold enough to give you a brain freeze!”

“Be sure to stick your whole snout down in the bowl to cool off your nose!”

“Also, it is the most fun if you splash water all over the ground/wall/upside-down flower pots and your paws…you know, you sweat from your paws and having nice, wet paws helps cool you off!”

“Oooh, oooh!!  Blow bubbles in the water with your nose!  There’s no scientific reasoning for this, it’s just a whole lot of fun!”
A quick, funny story from this morning–I might have overslept a little bit and Grandpa came to my room and opened the door a little bit so Riley could get out and go downstairs to go out to the bathroom and to eat breakfast.  She was still sleeping when he opened the door.  He said she jumped up on all fours and stood on the bed with her back arched and the fur sticking up on her back.  I guess she was ready to be my guard dog until she realized it was just Grandpa and Chloe out in the hall.
Gotta go…the phone’s ringing!  Must be Miss Manners calling!  🙂

Happy 2nd Birthday, Riley!!

It’s so hard for me to believe that Riley is now 2 years old.  It seems like I haven’t even had her that long, but at the same time it also seems like she’s been a part of my life forever.  I never thought I would be a “Crazy Dog Lady,” but here I am…the Crazy Dog Lady.  I mean, I have a blog for my dog and just about every post on Facebook is about Riley…I know my friends are probably sick of it or consider me certifiably crazy.  Sigh.  I guess I’m okay with that.  I didn’t think it was possible to love a dog as much as I love Riley.  Now I know why some people say their dogs are like children to them…Riley is definitely like my furry little wild child!

I bought a Groupon a few weeks ago to “The Barker’s Dozen” dog bakery and ordered and received her treats last week.  I’ve been saving them for her birthday.  She’s gotten to enjoy 4 different kinds of treats this morning and still has a lot left over!  Here are lots of a few pics:

Her “Barkscotti” that looked almost good enough for me to eat…

Licking the carpet clean after eating her Barkscotti.

Inspecting the other packages.

Practicing self control.

These carob peanut butter cups did smell good enough for me to eat!  But I was the one having to demonstrate self control this time…

“Yummy, Mommy!!  This is REALLY good!!”

And with a little shamrock cookie since yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day.
Chloe is a bit calmer today…we have baby gates up separating our dining room and living room from the rest of the house and Chloe is barricaded in the dining room.  She cries off and on to get out, but at least she’s not as worked up as she was.  She’s been pacing around in there a lot, I guess because she’s in pain, but she’s had her pain pill already about an hour ago, so I’m hoping it kicks in soon.  I shut Riley in the dining room yesterday and let Chloe sleep on the floor of our family room (out of the crate) for about 2 hours and she slept pretty much the entire time.  I feel like poor Riley is the one on restriction because last night she had to stay up in my room with Grandma while Grandpa sat on the couch with Chloe…we have to keep them separate because Riley is so exuberant and will jump on Chloe and want to play rough with her.  I had to put Riley in the crate while I took Chloe outside to potty just a while ago and Riley just laid in there quietly…imagine that!!  And Riley had to be shut in the dining room again earlier this morning while Chloe went out and ate and took her pills and all that fun stuff…
What a good birthday girl!!
And now that this post is about 87 pages long…one more picture!  Grandma and Grandpa got Riley a cute pink camoflage Kong Wubba to play with outside…of course, Riley LOVES it!
Playing with her Wubba outside.
We have a nursing home visit scheduled for 1:30 PM today, so Riley will get to get out of the house and get some special attention on her birthday!!  Yay!!  It’s going to be sunny and 80 degrees today so I may take her down to the beach if I get some time later…I’ve got some things I have to get done this afternoon, but hopefully there will be time because Riley LOVES the beach!
Thanks for sticking with me on this looooooooooong post!  🙂

Wubba…What Wubba?

I got a little sidetracked posting those two posts about therapy dogs, but I wanted to show you what Riley’s Wubba looked like on day 3 of her having it…

She then proceeded to completely tearing that little tennis ball apart.  There was only about half and inch of the shell of it left when she was done with it.  She has been enjoying playing with the big squeaky ball though.

And this is just proof that she follows me around…EVERYWHERE…even the bathroom.
We got about an inch of snow this morning, but not enough to even delay or close anything down.  I, unfortunately, didn’t get a chance to get a picture of it because I was trying to hurry to get to a doctor’s appointment and now it’s all melted.  😦