Winner, Winner, Organic Dinner!

The results are in…drum roll please…!

Okay, first, a few technical details.  After I finish this post, I am going to e-mail everyone who entered with instructions on how to get your free sample pack of The Organic Hound Co.’s treats.  Also, I’ll have instructions for the winner and runner-up in the e-mail.

Thanks to The Organic Hound Co. for sponsoring this contest (and for being fabulous in general)!!

Now…do that drum roll again!!

First, the runner-up!  Actually, the judges at The Organic Hound Co. couldn’t decide on just one runner-up, so there are two!  Each of them will receive one box of organic dog treats in the flavor of their choice (Pumpkin Ginger, Peanut Butter Flax, or Beef Heart).  The two runners-up are:

This picture of Clem!
Look at that huge smile!
This picture of Roscoe!
Careful, Roscoe…if you drink it all, you’ll have nothing to swim in!
Now, what you’ve all been waiting for…the grand prize winner!  The winner will receive three boxes of organic dog treats (one of each of their three flavors).  The winner is:
Who can resist those cute faces (uh, Benny, your face is “handsome,” not cute) and their bathing suits!  Plus, Benny’s hat is the icing on the cake!
Thank you to everyone who entered and we hope everyone enjoyed seeing all these pictures!  Congratulations to Benny and Lily on winning the big prize and congratulations to Clem and Roscoe as well!  Be sure to check your e-mail if you entered the contest!

Keeping Cool Pictures–Part 2

Here are the last of the pictures we received for the “Keeping It Cool” Organic Hound Co. contest!  If you missed yesterday’s post for the first half of the pictures, click here.  Be sure to click on everybody’s name to go visit their blogs.

Here we go!!

Roscoe looks like he could be a litter mate of Riley’s, doesn’t he?  He is also 2 years old!  Hmm…long lost brother perhaps?  🙂  Anyway, Roscoe is an Australian Cattle Dog lucky enough to get to swim in a pool (Riley’s totally jealous, by the way)!

Khyra (AKA “Miss Floofy Tail”) is a Husky gal who told us she likes to visualize herself in the snow when it’s a really hot day.  Smart thinking, huh?

Benny and Lily are two French Bulldogs living in sunny California.  They look like they’re all ready for their “puparazzi” photo shoot on the beach and chilling at the pool!

My mom insisted on submitting Chloe’s picture in the contest!  Here’s Chloe enjoying playing in the hose (notice we still had grass in the backyard at this point…this was in our pre-Riley days!).

Gibson is a Siberian Husky–who has 4 Sibe siblings!  (We don’t know how his mom handles all the dog hair, but she does!).  Here he is cooling off under the sprinkler.

Clem is another Labradude that entered the contest.  He doesn’t have a blog, but it sure looks like he could share some fun adventures if he did have one!  We love his smile!

We just love Maggie Mae the Boxer (maybe because Riley’s cousins are two Boxers–don’t worry, I’m not judging the contest, so my favoritism has no effect on the winners…hehe!).  🙂  She likes to stay cool by hanging out in the shade under a tree and she has her very own personal water fountain!

And last, but most definitely not least, is Miss Sugar, the Golden Retriever!  She went on a canine architectural boat tour in Chicago and this picture is of her cooling off after that boat ride with some ice water to drink.  She always has a Golden Smile on her face!
We had lots of fun seeing everybody’s pictures of how they like to stay cool (and Riley has gotten a few ideas from everyone)!  We’ll announce the winners tomorrow and post more information about getting your prize!
P.S.– You’ll never believe what woke me up at 2:30 in the morning…52 lb. Riley was under my bed!  She hasn’t been able to fit since she was a puppy…I guess she just squeezed her way under there.  Of course, her getting back out from under there shook the entire bed like an earthquake!  I don’t know what possessed her to climb under there.  Silly.

Keeping Cool Pictures–Part 1

As promised, here is a post of the first half of the pictures we received for the Keeping It Cool contest.  The winner will take home three boxes of The Organic Hound Co.’s USDA-Certified organic dog treats (one box of each of their three flavors–Pumpkin Ginger, Peanut Butter Flax, and Beef Heart) and the runner-up will win one box of their treats in the flavor of their choice!

The kind people at The Organic Hound Co. are also providing a sample pack of treats to everyone who entered the contest, how cool!  (More info on how to get your treats on Monday’s post, so stay tuned!).

Without further ado…here we go!

Amber-Mae (Golden Retriever) lives in Malaysia, so isn’t eligible to receive the treats, unfortunately…but, being the pawrtier she is, she still wanted to be included in the post!

Their mom has a cool blog and writes about a lot of different things–the puppies (Miniature Schnauzer litter mates), the human puppies, homeschooling, swim team, recipes, movies, and much more.  One of my favorite blogs!

Sherman (a Newfoundland) of My Brown Newfies sure knows how to cool off!  Visit his blog and ask why his Newf brother, Leroy, isn’t in the pool!  🙂 

Wyatt (an Airedale) and his sister, Stanzie, always have exciting posts on their blog.  Their parents run a gardening business, so they feature a lot of beautiful pictures of different plants and flowers on their blog.

Velcro (Australian Cattle Dog) and her sister, Ceilidh (a terrier mix), keep cool by hanging out in the shade and at the beach.  They go on a lot of cool walks and runs and Velcro is always smiling!

Roo (a Pointer/American Pit Bull Terrier mix) is one cool dude!  He was Mr. Pip’s coach for his big race against Bunny!

Booker is one cool Labradude, that’s for sure!  His big sis, Asa, is an English Pointer/American Staffordshire Terrier mix and is quite the intellectual.
More “Keeping It Cool” pictures to come tomorrow and the winners will be announced on Monday!