You Call That a Storm?

As I expected, the storm was nothing.  Riley and I slept right through the worst of it.  It just looks like it rained here.  We still have our gutters and downspout extensions (barring that Riley doesn’t get a hold of them!), so that’s good.  We all survived!  Riley’s a little disappointed she has to hang out inside today.  She’s lying down quietly right now.

“Aww, man, I can’t go outside!?!?”

Like our vegetation on the back fence?

The lovely view out of our backyard…  An old, abandoned Army reserve base.

The Storm’s a Coming

Tonight the (always oh-so-accurate) weather people predict that Hurricane Earl will be hitting us.  Not hard, just a lot of rain and wind until Friday afternoon.  But we’re still getting the backyard prepared.  I got in one last poop scoop today.  I usually do it every day but I missed yesterday somehow so there was double the poop today.  How often does everyone else poop scoop?  We’ll be bringing in the chairs, trash can, recycle bin, and grill I suppose this evening.  Don’t know where we’re putting it all though!

It’s beginning to look a little overcast but the sun’s still shining and it’s a beautiful day.  It’s hard to believe a hurricane will be here tonight.  It is cooling off outside though, so I can tell it’s coming.
We’re trying these downspout extensions again…  This is what happened the last time we had them…  Riley left them alone for the first year of her life, then decided to attack them one day.  They’re screwed on this time (so now the whole downspout will come off if she tries to get them…great idea!) and my dad’s going to use some wire loops to attach them to the ground.  She’s left them alone so far (it’s only been a day and a half though…).