Apparently, just within the last few weeks, Riley has become scared of thunder.  She never was before.  I think it was because we had a big storm a few weeks ago with super loud thunder that actually woke me up in the night and scared me too.  She probably sensed my fear and fed off of it.  Anyway, so now she gets a little scared when she hears loud thunder (not so much regular thunder) and hides under my parents’ computer desk.  She’s a goof, what can I say…

Trying to coax her out…I don’t pet her when she’s in her “fearful state” because I don’t want to reinforce her fear.
Riley got to sleep in Grandma and Grandpa’s room Monday night with Grandma and Chloe because Aunt Baddy, my dad (Riley’s Grandpa), and I took an overnight road trip to Charlottesville and visited Monticello, Michie Tavern, and Carter Mountain Orchard (we literally drove up a mountain [my 100,000+ mi. car made it!!] and picked our own peaches…it was so cool), and of course went and did a bit of shopping at a mall there (didn’t buy anything though).  Yesterday, we stopped in Richmond on the way home and went to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and saw a Faberge’ exhibit, did more shopping (of course) and had lunch at the mall before we came home.  We had a fun time and I’ll post some pictures soon.

It’s a Pirate Party!!

I’ve finally gotten around to uploading some pictures from my birthday that was on Tuesday.  I complained this year that my mom always bought boring birthday plates–solid colors or just balloons–so my sister told me to pick out some plates at Target.  I picked some pirate plates just for the fun of it!

Opening presents first thing in the morning.  My wonderful and smart friend, Sarah, sent a dog toy along with the presents she sent me…it kept Riley occupied while I opened the rest of my presents!  No wonder Sarah has her PhD!

I got a dog book from my parents that I had been wanting–“How to Behave So Your Dog Behaves!”

My sister got some cardboard pirate hats from Dollar Tree that we all wore!

My sister also got the decorations to put on the cake at Dollar Tree.

Arrrrgh!  These plates were on sale at Target!  Yay!

My mom and dad (Riley’s grandma and grandpa).

The only thing about having black icing on your cake is that it turns your tongue and teeth black.  Jimmy (my brother-in-law) also says that it turns something else black as well, but I haven’t experienced that.

 Opening presents!
Riley wants in on the pirate fun too!

A Night With Grandpa!

My birthday is next Tuesday (June 7th) and my mom’s (Riley’s Grandma’s) birthday is the next Tuesday, June 14th.  My sister (Riley’s Aunt Baddy) started this “tradition” a few years ago where she likes for all of us girls to go stay at a hotel to celebrate our birthdays.  So we typically go to either Williamsburg, Chesapeake, or VA Beach in June for my mom and my birthdays and we always go to Richmond in October for Aunt Baddy’s birthday.

Tonight is our girls’ birthday trip and unfortunately, dogs aren’t allowed.  Sooo…Grandpa is going to take care of Riley while I’m gone.  So Riley will get to sleep in my parents’ room on their big bed with him and Chloe.  She’ll be super excited because they keep some good treats in their room!  🙂  Plus, she adores her Grandpa.

Hmm…who will be watching who?  This picture is of Riley watching Grandpa take a nap the other Sunday afternoon…creepy?  Yes.
Riley and I were supposed to visit the nursing home today, but I was up with some kind of stomach bug in the night (it seems to be better now) and I don’t want to go spread my germs to all of the residents.
Remember how Riley was so good when Chloe was on crate rest?  And how I didn’t just kill Chloe for driving me nuts all day long?  Well, as a thank you to me for taking care of Chloe after her surgery (and not removing her voice box…!), Grandma and Grandpa are paying for Riley to get some professional pictures taken by a local photographer.  So our session is on Monday at 11 AM and I’m excited to get some good shots of my girl!  I am being forced into one or two pictures with Riley (by Grandma and Grandpa), but it should be all good.  I’m packing all of her Therapy Dog gear and her different bandannas (one for each season!), and of course a squeaky Wubba to get her attention and some treats.  Oh yeah, and her BELOVED orange balls…gotta get a shot of her with her “babies!”
Hopefully I’ll get some great pics from our Birthday Trip tonight and tomorrow and I’ll be sure to post them up here!  Have a great weekend!!