Birthday Trip and Professional Pictures!

My mom (Riley’s Grandma), sister (Riley’s Aunt Baddy), and I had a fun overnight trip to Virginia Beach on Friday night.  We ate (too much), shopped, and swam.  Here are some of our pics:

We stayed at the Westin (don’t worry, Aunt Baddy–the coupon queen–got a killer deal on it!  Normally, we would NOT be staying somewhere as expensive as the Westin!).
We had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory…yum!  I’m sure we each consumed about 5,000 calories there, but hey, we never go!
Trying to tame “The Poof!”  The two birthday girls.
They had a salt water pool at the hotel on the 5th floor.
I was into being silly on the trip for some reason!  (Aunt Baddy on the left with bunny ears, and me on the right).

Darn the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel making all traffic stop!  Luckily, it was only for about 2 minutes.
Riley and I just got back from having her pictures taken.  She did really well, but is passed out on the couch right now!  The photographer was great and–best of all–quick!  We were able to keep Riley’s attention for about 25 minutes.  Pretty good considering Riley has doggy ADD, I’m sure!  🙂  I was able to get some shots with Riley, shots of Riley in her therapy gear, shots of her in her different bandannas and costumes, and shots of her doing her tricks.  We should get the pictures back sometime next week, but the photographer may post some sneak peeks on Facebook before then, so I’ll be sure to share them if she does.

A Night With Grandpa!

My birthday is next Tuesday (June 7th) and my mom’s (Riley’s Grandma’s) birthday is the next Tuesday, June 14th.  My sister (Riley’s Aunt Baddy) started this “tradition” a few years ago where she likes for all of us girls to go stay at a hotel to celebrate our birthdays.  So we typically go to either Williamsburg, Chesapeake, or VA Beach in June for my mom and my birthdays and we always go to Richmond in October for Aunt Baddy’s birthday.

Tonight is our girls’ birthday trip and unfortunately, dogs aren’t allowed.  Sooo…Grandpa is going to take care of Riley while I’m gone.  So Riley will get to sleep in my parents’ room on their big bed with him and Chloe.  She’ll be super excited because they keep some good treats in their room!  🙂  Plus, she adores her Grandpa.

Hmm…who will be watching who?  This picture is of Riley watching Grandpa take a nap the other Sunday afternoon…creepy?  Yes.
Riley and I were supposed to visit the nursing home today, but I was up with some kind of stomach bug in the night (it seems to be better now) and I don’t want to go spread my germs to all of the residents.
Remember how Riley was so good when Chloe was on crate rest?  And how I didn’t just kill Chloe for driving me nuts all day long?  Well, as a thank you to me for taking care of Chloe after her surgery (and not removing her voice box…!), Grandma and Grandpa are paying for Riley to get some professional pictures taken by a local photographer.  So our session is on Monday at 11 AM and I’m excited to get some good shots of my girl!  I am being forced into one or two pictures with Riley (by Grandma and Grandpa), but it should be all good.  I’m packing all of her Therapy Dog gear and her different bandannas (one for each season!), and of course a squeaky Wubba to get her attention and some treats.  Oh yeah, and her BELOVED orange balls…gotta get a shot of her with her “babies!”
Hopefully I’ll get some great pics from our Birthday Trip tonight and tomorrow and I’ll be sure to post them up here!  Have a great weekend!!