Care-A-Lot Pets Goodie Bag!

This morning I woke up early and headed out to the local Care-A-Lot Pets store.  They were giving out goodie bags to the first 50 customers.  My sister and I got there at about 8:40 (the store opened at 9:00) and got in a line of about 20 people.  These bags were worth waiting 20 minutes out in the cold!  I mean, they even included fake dog poop from Dogipot.  What could get better than that?  Here’s a picture of all the goodies that were in the reusable shopping bag.  They’ll be doing it again tomorrow morning, so if you’re local, you may want to check it out.  They open at 10:00 AM tomorrow.

You better believe it was worth the wait!  Most things are just samples, but it’s still better than nothing.  A full bag of Halo treats and Mother Hubbard treats and Natural Choice treats.
Also, the fake poop (pictured in the shiny cellophane baggie) is currently sitting out downstairs on the carpet…I’m waiting for my mom (Riley’s Grandma) to go downstairs and freak out!  🙂  Can’t wait!