Too Hot (and Too Early) to Play

Riley is zonked out beside me on the couch taking her morning nap.  It’s going to be almost 90 degrees today.  It was 95 yesterday!  We stayed inside most of the day.

I am planning on dragging taking my sister with me to a big dog show that’s going on this weekend in town.  The Langley Kennel Club and the Gloucester Kennel Club put this show on every year at the local Convention Center.  I went a few years ago, but only had time to browse, so I spend on planning a little bit more time there this year.  Unfortunately, dogs that aren’t competing in the show can’t attend, so Riley will just have to continue her napping.  The Australian Cattle Dogs are showing tomorrow morning, and not today, but I’m hoping to get lots of pictures of other dog breeds today.
Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!  I might head up to Busch Gardens one day this weekend (with about 87,000 other people, no doubt…), and am planning on hitting up some yard sales tomorrow morning.  Also, I think I’m going to be babysitting for my friends while they go to a movie.  (It’s all good, I like to babysit this little girl!).