I Furminated Riley tonight in preparation for her nursing home visit tomorrow.  Her fur was just coming off when I petted her, so it was time.  I just did it a few days ago so I didn’t get too much.  Plus I just did it enough to get all the excess fur out because I didn’t really feel like brushing her for 20 or 30 minutes straight.  Here’s a picture:

Riley says, “That’s good, Mommy!”
On a side note, I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned what a good alarm clock Riley is.  She even has a snooze button!  She sleeps with me but goes downstairs with the rest of the family before I get up usually.  My dad let her in my room this morning when it was time for me to get up.  She always has to come up to my face on the pillow and nuzzle up under my chin.  She gets so excited to see me first thing in the morning!  She gives up on me after a few minutes and comes back about 10 minutes later.  She did that twice this morning.  Anyway, I guess I’m thankful for my little blue alarm clock!

The FURminator

Riley thinking she’s small enough to be a lap dog…  I think not!
I bought a nifty little grooming tool on sale at Amazon the other day and it came in the mail today.  It’s called the “FURminator” and it’s the most amazing pet product I’ve found.  After we got back from walking the dogs I tried it out.  It pulls out dead hair from Riley’s undercoat.  She has two coats, a black top coat and a tan undercoat.  If you pet her black areas against the grain all you see is tan.  So this thing got out a TON of tan hair from underneath her black hair.  I got about a fourth of a grocery bag full and only used it for about 10 minutes total.  The hair just comes off in big piles.  The only problem I had was that Riley wanted to try to eat the piles of hair that were coming off.  I’m surprised she doesn’t look bald, as much hair as I got off of her.  She enjoyed the good brushing which was surprising to me.  Her coat’s noticeably more shiny and now hair doesn’t come off on your hand every time you pet her.  I would say it’s worth the $20 or so investment.  They’re on sale right now at

The “FURminator!”
FURminator Website