Smart Girl

I know I’ve shared a video similar to this before, but I just wanted to show everyone again how proud I am of my smart girl!  I wish I had snow pictures or even ice pictures to share but we didn’t get any.  We were supposed to get snow/ice early this morning (around 4 AM) but it just didn’t happen.

Riley’s release word is “Okay,” so I try to trip her up with other words that sound like “okay.”  You can see it almost worked one time in the video but she thought about it again before she got up to eat.  Like my “elevated feeder” AKA dryer door??  🙂

Bra Chewing

So I guess Riley is a “Bra Chewing Feminist…”  Or she just likes the taste of bras.  I must say that I was in the shower when she did this.  An unnamed sister of mine (my ONLY sister…) was in the same room as her, just not paying attention.  I guess we’ll have to keep a better eye on our bras!

I’ll have to post a video of feeding time for Riley.  I always put her food in front of her and make her sit and stay until I release her with the word “Okay.”  I try to make it a little more challenging by saying other words that sort of sound like the word “Okay.”  I’ve been telling her “Do you really want that food?  Ohio!  Oklahoma!”  Yesterday I added on “Ontario” and “Ocracoke.”  Ocracoke almost tripped her up.  She started to move but didn’t.  Poor doggy just wants to eat!  I’ll get someone to video tape us and post it up here when I get around to it.

On another note, our first official therapy visit is on Friday and we also have another visit planned for a different nursing home on Saturday so I do hope Riley’s on her best behavior!  I’m sure she will be.